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Grand Opening of Bridge Music (

As a church worship leader myself, I often find it a challenge to find music for our service that provides an opportunity to worship God appropriately. Using the word of God, the Bible, as a guide, I always hope to sing the truth of scripture without adding any man-made baggage to our expression of thanksgiving and praise. Many times, songs are created that ARE written including scripture but they are not very singable or joyful.

As a small-church music leader, I also am limited by budget and capabilities of my choir and musicians. Praise bands and choirs are often made of people who have talent to be used for God's glory, but not necessarily a deep educational background in music theory or notation. I am usually looking for free music that is easy to read and easy to sing and play. I have often ended up writing the music I have been searching for.

That's where Bridge Music comes in. My hope is to provide quality, free music that is easy to present, easy for congregation to sing, and that makes a connection (A Bridge) between the heart of man and the glorification of God. Today's musical culture can sometimes present un-Biblical doctrine and lead worshipers of God to places that do not represent Him correctly. I hope to present music for today's church that leads us to know God's word and to rightly and joyfully praise Him.

Thank you for participating. At this time, Bridge Music is just beginning and does not have CCLI numbers to report your usage to. I hope in the future to make that a possibility. To help in this effort, I need to know if anyone is using these songs. So, if you download and use any of this music, please just let me know so I can keep a tally of which ones are useful to you. Just email the name of the song, the name of your church and how you used it to "". There is no charge for using this original music by permission of the composer unless you want to use it for a profitable purpose (Add to an album you are selling, etc.) Then just contact me by email also.

Praise the Lord and Sing!!!

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