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Songs for Psalms

Churches, in their efforts to worship God, can take advantage of the Psalms of old that were written and preserved, but not in their full musical understanding. I have included a few songs in several different areas of this website that are "inspired" or "influenced" or "translated" versions of the Psalms. Some have exact quotations in places, but none are word for word "psalm singing." The ideas and instructions in the Psalms as well as the descriptions are great additions to the teaching of doctrine through singing. The are also great examples

of the way our patriarchs pleased God by their worship. Recently I added

"Let Us Delight in the Lord", a paraphrase of Psalm 1. We sang it in our church this week and the congregation seemed to quickly participate without a "teaching" time. "You, Lord, Are a Shield" is a little closer to being a quotation of Psalm 3. Our children's group actually used this originally and they loved the chorus which comes directly from the Psalm. I believe there are times when the lyrics of a songs need to be changed to relate to those sharing it, but sometimes it speaks the way it is. I hope you will use both of these and other songs here for your time of worshipping God. Remember there is no charge to use them for your church services and if you do, I'd love to have a link to a recording of your presentation of them.

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